About Us Jodi4Desis is a start up company motivated by the fundamental idea to strive for a good cause
for our community. The divorce rates happening in our Indian community is very disturbing and have been
on the rise for the past decade. The divorce rates are expected to be rising in the future as well. There could be variety of reasons that could contribute for a couple to get divorced, but the number one reason is lack of good communication. The basic foundation of Jodi4Desis is built on this concept on helping would-be couples to understand each other well before taking the sacred vows to join in a relationship.

The Indian marriage institution is one of the oldest and most popular around the world with a rich cultural heritage. The latest trends in divorce rates are causing fissures in the institution. The present generation is very fast and lives along the edge making decisions in haste. In order to help such individuals, we can apply scientific behavioural methodologies to our marriage system in making a smart decision while making a selection related to life-partner. Decision Making is very critical and plays a significant role in either making or breaking a relationship. Marriage decisions are very hard to make and individuals wanting to get married have to be compatible to make their relationship successful. With a high divorce rate and cost of marriage soaring, Jodi offers a unique and comprehensive solution that can help an individual make better decisions in life and lead a happy and successful life. Jodi4Desis is all about making the right choice to lead a better and happy life.